Using special formatting characters for translated books

Dear friends,

i need some help.

This is my problem: i want to set up a reference typy “book” in which i can find the generic fields like author, title, etc. but also this: [trad. it. Author, Name, Place, Editor, Year]

(trad it stays for: “italian translation”…i’m italian :slight_smile: )

Now, i’ve modified the style “book”, adding  the fiels Author, Name, etc.

If i fill that fields, i can find them in my bibliography.

The problem is: i want to see “[trad. it. Author, etc.]” only if i fill those fields! And if i fill only one field of them. If not, “[trad. it etc.]” has not to compare…

I’ve tried using the special formatting characters, but it doesn’t work.

If i fill the field Autor i want to see: [trad. it. Autor]

And the same forevery single field.

If i fill all the fields i want to see [trad. it + all the fields]

If i fill no fields, i want to see nothing…Nor “[trad. it]” , nor “[trad it.”, nor “]” like i can see if i try to do something.

Can you help me writing the right way i can set that fields???

Thank you very much