Non-italics in PART of book titles

I don’t suppose there’s a way to do this:

Sbordone, F. (ed.) (1976) [Φιλοδήμου περὶ ποιηαμάτων]: Tractatus Tres. In F. Sbordone, ed., Ricerche sui Papiri Ercolanesi, vol. 2. Naples

viz., to force EN not to italicize part of a title, instead of all of it (here the bracketed portion)?


As a workaround what you could do is:

  1. create a second Title field (by using one of the available custom fields) which will be used to hold the portion of the title that is meant to be non-italicized [Φιλοδήμου περὶ ποιηαμάτων]:   then

  2. modify the bibliography template of your output style file to include/join the custom field to the original Title field (i.e use the Link Adjacent Text command). This will allow the non-italicized section to be “connected” or “linked” to the portion of the title which is Italicized.

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