How to leave title capitalization as entered?

I am using Endnote basic, cite while you write with Word for Mac 2016, Chicago Manual of Style footnotes.

Most of my sources are in Portuguese, which has different captalizaion rules than does English. I enter the titles into my library as I want them to appear, but Endnote is converting them to English capitalization standards in my footnotes and bibliography. I had managed to disable that conversion in the old version of word, but can’t figure out how to do it now.

Web searches turn up instructions for other, more deluxe or older versions of Endnote.

I’d appreciate any help!



I don’t believe you can alter the basic output styles.  You never could.  You can only edit them with the desktop version.  I think you will need to ask the  Endnote providers to create a style which leaves the titles as entered.  

As an alternative, you could try a trial version of endnote desktop when the time comes to submit and make the change to the Chicago style as shown in the attached, and save as a newstyle, use that to format the document.