re: Linking old docs to new library


I have an old document that’s linked to a previous version of Endnote. I wish to continue working on this document but it’s not linked to my X3 library.

How can I do this?

With thanks

What was the old version of endnote and what is the new version. 

What version of word was it originally edited in. 

Old docs aren’t dependent on a specific library.  It will use the open one, and in more recent version of endnote, if it can’t find the refs there, it will resort to those in a “traveling library” embedded in the document itself. 

If the refs aren’t being recognized when you have endnote open and the library open, then you should try unformating a copy of the document and see if it will return to the curly bracketed state.  This may take a few minutes, so be  patient.  then try reformatting.  Cleaning up field codes and deleting any residual bibliography may be necessary before reformating.  The way older versions of word and endnote communicated has changed and this unformat reformat step often fixes the problem.