How to make a slight modification to Endnote-generated footnotes in Word

Hi there,

I simply want to remove a full-stop from the end of one particular footnote that Endnote (XI) has created for me in Word (2003). Unfortunately, however, whenever I make the little change, Endnote sooner or later puts the full-stop back where it was.

Is there any way of overriding Endnote here?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

My understanding is you can’t.

Endnote Web is a crippled product that does not support customizations of output styles. Thus, the citation is reformatted based on a hardwired style every time. (The standalone version, Endnote X2, allows customizations - but it’s unusable because it doesn’t support keeping your database of citations online.  - 2 halves don’t make a whole.)

Hi Blexie,

Did you want to remove the full stop for only one of your formatted footnotes, but not all? If so, I don’t believe a style edit would help as it would apply that modification to all footnotes. Can you clarify?

Also, it sounds like you are using EndNote X1 rather than EndNote Web. gback is correct that you cannot directly edit styles in EndNote Web, however customized styles can be uploaded by an institutation’s administrator if that’s how you have access to EndNote Web. If you need more information about that, please let me know.

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  • Mathilda Edmunds, the EndNote Web team

Hi Mathilda,

Many thanks for your generous reply. Yes, I just want to remove the full-stop in one particular formatted footnote. Every time I try to sneak into the footnote and delete the full-stop, EndNote catches me and puts it back in! As you say, a style edit isn’t the way to go as that would apply the change to every footnote.

Yes, you are right, I am using EndNote XI, not EndNote Web.

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