How to manually edit?

I’m using the Society of Biblical Literature output style with Endnote X4 – the style is tremendously (and needlessly) complicated, and it appears as if I’m going to have to manually edit most of my footnotes before I submit my manuscript.

Is there a way to disable EndNote temporarily while I do this so that I can edit every part of the reference without it getting upset? Would it be easier to just pull up the word document on a computer that doesn’t have EndNote?

Thanks in advance for your input.

You can easily turn off CWYW.  depending on your version and word processor, this is commonly accessed thru the format bibliography dialog on the third tab.  You can turn it on again via the same process. 

This is very helpful, thank you!

For some reason, even when the function is off, I’m not able to edit punctuation at the end of citations…when I try to delete a period, for example, the entire citation goes away.

The other option, is terminal to returning to do further editing with Endnote interactivity.  that is to remove the endnote fields entirely.  There is a button on the toolbar that usually looks like a “do not enter!” symbol.  It forces you to save the file as a new name, to protect the “EndNoted” version.  You can achieve the same thing via Word commands, but you need to make sure you save to a new document to keep the EndNoted version safe in case you need to do revision later. 

That is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Thank you!