How to manage styles in cite while you write?

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I use the EndNote’s Cite While You Write- Plug (CWYW) in Microsoft Word 2010. At the web browser, I go to Format -> Bibliography -> Bibliographic style, Select favorites for installing the “Sage Harvard”- bibliographic style. For some reason, I can not find this style as an option. I am successful in using the other styles, f.e. APA 5th.

However, I found the “Sage Harvard” style from web, see attchment.

But I have consitently failed in applying this style in my CWYW.

Is it possible to install this style to my Endnote via web browser?

The issue is urgent, since I would like to submit my article soon.

Thank you very much for reading and potentially helping!
Sage Harvard (2).ens (13.2 KB)

When you open it, it should open in Endnote, and you save as from file, “save as” in endnote - and you can use the name “Sage Harvard” deleting the “copy” part - and I like to add the date or year I downloaded it)  .  Now you should be able to find it by going to the Word endnote ribbon, and the drop down has the option to “select another style” which should bring up the whole list of available styles (mine already shows a bunch of Sage Harard options in the image attached.  Then scroll down or type “s” to jump down to find it and select it.  (yours is probably sitting in the download folder – a couple of copies based on the (2) part of the name.)

Now in Word, you will have “sage harvard-2015” in the box and hit update citations and bibliography (just below the box with the output style) and it should update your document.  Changing it to sage in endnote has no effect on existing documents, it has to be changed in the word document.  


Thank you very much for your reply. The crux of the matter is that I Use Endnote Web. Therefore, I am still open for suggestions considering the issue.

The clarify the issue: Is it possible to add styles other than mentioned in Endnote Web’s default- listing? Moreover, Is it possible to add the “Sage Harvard” to this list?

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Perhaps this post in output styles section of the forum, will give you some ideas,  

– the direct link to the online process for styles is here 

if you have a local administrator, the instructions for them – is the last link in the above kb article.  Otherwise you might just trial the desktop version when it is time to submit?