How to name charts and figures

Hi to all,

I’m a german EndNote X user, so I hope, I’ll manage to explain my problems well enough! :slight_smile: I am right now writing my medical dissertation (thesis) and have some difficulties with EndNote.

First: Right above an inserted figure or chart appear two headlines in different fonts, sizes and one bold and one not. They both say e.g. “Chart 1”. I don’t quite get, why it is like this. I neither need two headlines, nor need I them to be named “Chart 1”. I would like to have the name of the chart, f. ex. “Chart 1: Overview over the instruments” below the chart.

Second: All charts or figures that have been inserted into my text also appear as a citation with the rest of the papers, that i cite, in the bibliography at the end of the text. But I would like to have a seperate figue and a seperate chart bibliography.

As you can see, I have several problems to solve… But maybe some of you can help me and end my suffering…

Thanks a lot! Lisl

Third: By citing an article that hase not been written by a specific author, but by e.g. the World Health Organisation, are beeing cited by EndNote like this (Organisation, World Health 2009). I have tried several types of different article types, but it did not work out.

Fourth: In a Chart that I have created with word I have several citations within. But if I again insert this chart into my text, the citations don’t appear in the bibliography, since EndNote does probably  not recognize those citations as they are within an inserted chart…

I won’t be of much help with using Endnote to insert charts and figures, since I never use Endnote to do this.  I find using Words handling of these, much preferable.  That will solve 1, 2 and 4 (with 4 as long as the charts and figures aren’t in a “text box”.   see

Third:  put the “author” in exactly like this World Health Organisation, with the trailing comma to avoid Endnote treating it like a real name.