Text after my references, making new reference list -- how can I fix this?

Hi everyone, I’m writing a paper and have my text, and then my bibliography (i.e., the list of papers I have referenced). However, my collaborator wants our figures after the references… but the figure captions have some references in them.

What’s happening is that Endnote is creating another bibliography after the figures (because they also have those references). How can I make it so they just use the same bibliography as the text, even though they’re after it?

thank you!

That shouldn’t matter, - but you may have a section break before your figure legends and are using an output style that produces a bibliography for each section?  What output style are you using to format the manuscript bibliography?  You should be able to move the bibliography anywhere.  We always put the references infront of the figure legends for a paper.  

I’m assuming the references cited in the figures are “1st-time citations” and aren’t cited in-text elsewhere in the paper? Which output style are you using? Was a section break or page break inserted between the reference list and the start of the figures?

Offhand, a possible workaround might be to insert the citations (cited in the figures) above the current reference list. Then edit the citations to “hide” them. Since they’re now placed in-text prior to the reference list they should appear with the other references, and the 2nd list under the figures should disappear.