How to reference a journal from a book?

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If a book consists of journals from different authors and I would only like to cite one of the journals, what is the proper way of doing that? 


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I should have specified that I am using the Harvard Style…

You mean for something that was reprinted in a compendium?  

This would be dictated to some extent by the house style of the publisher.  For example here is a description of what it might look like for MLA from a Wesley “how to” 

Saved by the bell – Harvard it is.

If it was me, I would probably try to play with a reference type like “ancient text” and use the Original Publication field with most of the journal name, vol;page nos, formated similar to how they would appear in a journal ref type. (see attached image “capture”)  – then the rest of the publication/republication details (authors, editors, Book, republishing details) would go in the usual fields).  If you are lucky, the “generic” template in your output style is often  close to what you need and you can copy paste that into a new ancient template and edit that to get the precise order an wording.  

The only other problem I forsaw is that republication year would end up in the citation (if you are using an Author, year format).  The republication date, rather than the original publication date, which I do not know which is correct.  – So for that, I used the DATE field for the republication date and the YEAR field for the original publication date.   

I copied the Harvard generic template from the style to a new ancient text template that includes many or all the potential fields (I used the generic from Harvard) and slightly modifying it to get what I think you will need.  – (and I attach the output style version I created to test all this).  

So – does it work for you?  – In my test, using the example from the MLA description and what is in the 1st capture image in the fields,  

APPADURAI, A. 1990. Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy. Public Cuture 2.2: 1-24 Republished in: WILLIAMS, P. & CHRISMAN, L. (eds.) 1994 Colonial Discourse and Post-cultural Theory: A reader. New York: Columbia UP

Harvard -republished.ens (27.1 KB)
Harvard -republished.ens (28 KB)


What if I am using a book that is a collection of articles from different authors  and I would like to cite only one of the articles? Do I need to cite the title of the book ?

Only if the book is your source.  If it is available as a journal article and you want to source the primary article (and it is available to most of your audience) you don’t have to cite the version in the book.  Then you just enter the journal article itself.  Similar to if you ran across an article quoted in a review.  You then go back and read the primary article.  You don’t have to cite the review you found it in originally.  But if it were a 1854 article and not easily available in the primary source or local science library, then you would quote the compendium which was republished more recently as the accessible version.