Subsequent citations, different book & journal formats

I am trying to use  a footnote-based Humanities style format. Setting up the initial occurrence of a citation is no problem. However, I need to have different formats for books and journals for Subsequent citations.

For books I need: author, “short title”, pages cited. This is not a problem

For journals I need: author, Journal Title (Abbreviated) volume number (year): pages cited.

There does not seem to be a way to do this. Apparently Endnote forces you to only have one Subsequent citation style. Is this correct?

Yes, there is only the one format for repeat citations.

I’ve sometimes thought that the best workaround would be to create a custom style for repeat citations, with Footnote Templates for each reference type, specifying the requirements for each. You could use your normal style to insert the first citation in the normal way. Then for repeat citations, go to your library, change to the custom style, select the reference, use the Copy Formatted command, and just paste the repeat citation into the footnote.

I haven’t tested this procedure…

Thanks! I must say I am a bit surprised given that competing products, at least on the Mac, can do this without fuss. Basically you can set up a repeat style for each reference type. I assumed that Endnote, as a mature product, could do this.

oh well! Thanks anyhow.