how to regain the groups inf.?

Dear all, when I rename my library (.enl and .data files), the information of “my groups” was lost, all references became “Unfiled”. So, how can I regain the inf. of the groups?

Somebody told me to open the “refs.MYD” file by Endnote to solve the problem, but it demanded to select a filter, which filter should I choose? I have tried several ones, but it didn’t work.

Thanks a lot.

Sounds to me like you didn’t rename the two files exactly the same, and that you “lost” your .DATA folder and recreated a new one.  Can you find the original .DATA folder and create an empty libraryname (exactly like the name of the .DATA folder in the same folder as the .DATA folder (not IN the DATA folder) using notepad or a similar text only editor, and they open that from endnote.  Do you recover your groups?

Thank you, Leanne. i have try as you told me. When i opened it from Endnote, it demanded to “choose an import filter”, so which one should i use?

Thanks again.

 Name it libraryname.enl and it wont ask for a filter.  sorry - I forgot that tidbit.