How to remove one reference from several references?

Hello all,

I want to remove one reference from this list ,I tried to do so but it came back.

Any ideas.

(De Rosnay et al., 2011; de Rosnay et al., 2013; Draper et al., 2009; Drusch et al., 2009; Reichle et al., 2007; Sabater et al., 2007)


you can’t just delete it from the “field” – that doesn’t edit the underlying field information.

 you need to “right” click on it - and edit the citation and “more” then the records cited will come up and you can click on the dropdown for the record you want to remove and “remove” it.  Alternatively, you can unformat the citations in the document and work with the {Author, YEAR #RecNo} version and delete it from that then reformat them.  

Hi Leanne,

Is there any way to remove and replace 1 citation from several cited sourcess when they are between (    ) 

yes,  – go to the group, right click in the group and choose, edit citation from the bottom of the list, then “more …” and you will see a list of the references and the first in the group should be highlighted.  click on the “edit citation” dropdown box of the citation you want to remove, and choose “remove citation”.  then Okay.