How to delete a citation?

This may seem like a very stupid problem, but it’s one I’ve had consistently.  I just placed a citation in the wrong place in a paper and everytime I try to delete it, it pops back up after just a second.  I’m sure this isn’t as complicated as I’m making it, but at the moment I’m very frustrated with this…  Any suggestions?

Thanks much,

D Paulson

You are probably just trying to delete one of more than one citation from the field, which is a bad thing to do.  You either need to right click in the formated reference, choose, edit citation and pick the record you don’t want there and choose remove, or unformat the citation and delete the text of the citation you don’t want - and reformat (this might have turned off CWYW, so check the Instant formating tab, when you reformat the bibliography, to make sure it is on.  It is on, if it says something like “disable” or “turn off”.  It is off if the button says the opposite!)

if you hit Alt F9, you will see what is buried in that little field and why you don’t really want to take a change deleting a partial field.  – don’t worry, you can restore the view by hitting Alt F9 again…

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