How to remove the newline between the bibliography

Hi, I would like to change the bibliography format from

  1. XXX
  2. XXX
  3. XXX


  1. XXX. 2. XXX. 3. XXX

I know that I need to edit the format style but don’t know where exactly the delimiter I should choose.

I am using version X9.3.3
Thank you!

I am not aware of a way to do this within the style. However, once you have completed your document you could highlight the references in Word and use Word’s find & replace function. find [carriage return] and replace [with a space].
If you update the EN bibliography you will lose these changes so consider making them after you have converted the document to plain text. This copy will have no EN formatting so you can easily make changes to the bibliography

Hi knav,

Thanks for your suggestion.

This method works fine if only a few references. However, I have ~100 so need to manually combine each line. :smiling_face_with_tear:

no – after saving a plain text versrion, you select just the bibliography and do a search and replace of ^p and replace with a space. replace all and then it will ask if you want to continue and say NO. Suggest you make a copy before doing so, and remember to retain the original endnoted document so when you need to make corrections you can change them.

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I see. This is the trick. Thank you!

Another trick to make it even easier to do the search and replace, is to edit the Layout to start or end with a character at the end of each line, (or double character).