How To Remove the Carriage Return?

Hi all,

I am formatting references for an abstract, and I’d like a continuous list of the references and not have any carriage returns in the format. So, I’m looking to do something like this:

[1]. Foo, 2007. [2] Foo2 et. al., 2006. [3] Foo3 et. al., 2005

and not like this:

[1]. Foo, 2007.

[2]. Foo2 et. al., 2006.

[3]. Foo3 et. al., 2005

I’ve been making the references continuous by manually deleting the carriage return within the references, but is there a way to do this automatically in Endnote X1?




I’m not familiar with any way to do this in EndNote, but you should be able to use the Find/Replace functionality in Word itself.  Of course, before proceeding, I would save a backup copy of your document.  After the final formatting of your bibliography, you might want to run the “Remove Field Codes” command to make a plain text version of your document.  Next, I’d highlight the bibliography found within the resulting plain text file, and bring up the “Replace” command in Word.  You should be able to set Word to look for a paragraph mark, and replace with a space.

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