How to review a word document with Endnote references without Endnote installed

Hi Guys and Gals,

Quick question I hope, but I can’t find an answer anywhere. I have a publication which uses Endnote X as a reference manager. However, my supervisor would like to review the document but does not have Endnote installed on his computer. What is the best way to allow him to review so as when it comes back, it keeps the links with my Endnote libraries that sit on my PC?


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There shouldn’t be a problem. I think that if you are working a computer without Endnote, the word document works okay, but I would recommend the following to make sure that the document doesn’t get corrupted. First make a copy of the paper.  If all else fails, you can do a compare and merge at the end of the day.

You should use a style that is Author, date, alphabetical (I use Cell).  Then unformat the references, and drag to select just the bibliography (which will be a field, grey, when you are in it) and do a ctrl+shift+f9, to unlink those fields. Now the citations are {Author, year #RecNO} and the references are sorted in an unlinked bibliography, and except for two papers by the same first author, in the same year, it should be a clear which citation is which reference.  - and turn tracked changes on. 

When you get the paper back,  you can look for any new references your supervisor added, add those to the library and insert the endnote citation, delete the old bibliography and reformat the bibliography (turning CWYW back on from the third tab of the format bibliography window/menu). 

Legend… thank you Leanne