How to show the Endnote fields in Word 2011, to facilitate inserting text in-between footnote citations

Hello all,

I presume there is a simple setting that I am missing somewhere, and hope I have posted this in the correct forum, in order to be helped!

Mac OSX Mountain Lion;

Endnote X6

Word 2011 for Mac

My particular style, for the purposes of my PHD in Law, sees me entering plenty of text in-between citations, in my footnotes. To the point that some pages of my dissertation, sees only a short bit of “main-text” at the top of the page, with the rest being filled with footnote text. 

By example, I might have a discussion of several important legal judgments/court cases in a particular footnote, which would include various arguments and commentary from several authors, all of which (obviously) need to be cited. 

I presume that in the above scenario, I DO NOT use the prefix/suffix option available to me in the ‘editing citation’ box - and that at most, I only complete the “cited pages” field, to have it automatically added to the end of the Endnote citation, as per my style setting. 

Having said this, it would be really useful if Word/Endnote could somehow “colour” the field entries, so as to make it clear where I can place my cursor, to start typing/cutting & pasting the text I want to insert, in-between the citations. Most of the time, I get this right - but occasionally, I accidentally place the cursor “in-the-field”, so to speak - and start typing, only to have everything deleted several moments later, when Endnote automatically updates.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

PS - I noticed on some of the Youtube tutorials, that simply clicking in the field, turns it grey. For some reason, this is not happening with me - so that’s why I’m popping up this query! :smiley:

Not sure where the setting is on a Mac, but there is a word option to either show fields as grey all the time, or when they are selected (or not at all, which I assume is your current setting). Usual the setting is set to default as showing them as grey when they are selected. 

Found it - thanks for getting me to go and look properly! It’s in the Preferences window, under VIEW/Field Shading>drop down menu. I never noticed it under the Field Codes check-box, but it’s pretty visible! :slight_smile: [None so blind as those who don’t want to see!]