How to show the Figure in Reference in Preview (X7) ?

Now I am using X7.

I made a new output style including Research Notes and Figure shown in Referece tab to summarize some papers.

Upon this new style, I expected to see the Research Notes and the Figure in Preview tab. 

The Research Notes can be seen, but no Figure.

Is it possible to show the Figure in Preview tab?

Many  thanks!

I think only PDFs show in the  tabs (but not in the "preview tab, which is a formated reference according to the style selected in Endnote and is “text based” and doesn’t display images?).  You would also need to save the figure to the file attachments rather than “figure” field. 

Thanks for rapid help.

If I convert the Research notes to PDFs and save them as attachements, and I could see them in tabs.

But if I edit the notes later, I need to convert the new notes to PDFs, and reset the attachments again. It is not an efficient way.

I do want a straight way to review and edit the reading notes in Endnote. Do you?

It would be helpful if Endnote could supply a way as Evernote to organize the reading notes (pictures, files, anything is OK).

You can always suggest additional ideas in the suggestions forum, but I am just a user.  However, I use Evernote for that stuff and Endnote as my reference package.  You can edit the an output style to show the notes, or choose, the output style: Show all to view text based items.