How to sort authors in bibliography


I have just started using endnote to write my bachelor thesis. It’s a great program, but I don’t understand, how (or if) I can automatically sort authors in my bibliography.

When I added a new reference I simply added all authors each in a separate line, but without sorting them in alphabetical order. When I use the preview function or export my bibliography, endnote does not rearrange the authors but rather displays them in the order I put them in the authors field.

My reference looks like this:

Fransella, F. & Bannister, D. (1977). A Manual For Repertory Grid Technique. London: Academic Pr.

But I want this:

Bannister, D. & Fransella, F. (1977). A Manual For Repertory Grid Technique. London: Academic Pr.

Is there a feature that does the sorting automatically or do I have to do it manually?



Are you really sure the referencing style and/or your supervisor requires this? Every referencing style I know of requires authors to be entered in the order they appear on the item, not in alphabetical order.



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you are so right… thanks alot!!!