zero in issue field

I have gotten a zero in the issue field for some references. It may be because Elsevier has started making each issue of a journal a new volume. Here are the first few lines of a recent download from Web of Science.

T1 - Coprecipitated arsenate inhibits thermal transformation of 2-line ferrihydrite: Implications for long-term stability of ferrihydrite
JO - Chemosphere
VL - 122
IS - 0

EndNote faithfully puts the zero in the bibliography. Here is the reference in author-date form:

Wang, Z., D. Xiao, R. T. Bush and J. Liu (2015). “Coprecipitated Arsenate Inhibits Thermal Transformation of 2-Line Ferrihydrite: Implications for Long-Term Stability of Ferrihydrite.” Chemosphere 122(0): 88-93.

Maybe EndNote could filter out nonsense like this? For this paper I would like to see 122: 88-93 instead of 122(0): 88-93.