How to use numerical referencing INSIDE parentheses?

Hi -

I’d like to use numerical citations - as in Nature - but I need them to occassionally be inside parentheses.  For example:

(e.g., see [14]).

I have this expressed in my Word document (most recent Word 2011 for Mac) as:

(e.g., see {author, year #number})

However, CWYW won’t format these citations.  It will format regular citations where the curly brackets aren’t in parentheses, but these ones, it doesn’t seem to see…

Can someone help?



I don’t have that problem in my EndnoteX7/Word 2013 documents. – Make sure the new text isn’t in a “grey field” (put cursor over it).

You should be able to enclose a bracketed citation in parentheses. There are formating tricks needed to get text inside the square brackets, say you wanted to say    (see Author et al, Year for a review) – which appears like this in the unformatted/temporay citation {see \Abe, 1983 #2494 for review}, but that wouldn’t be necessary for your needs here as you still want just the bibliography number in the square brackets.

But are you sure you have instant formating “on” on the endnote ribbon?  

Hi Leanne

Nope, no grey field.

And nope, don’t need the backslash formatting trick in this case.

And autoformatting is “on” - but this happens even when I manually update citations and biblio.

Actually, I replaced all the open parentheses with *** and the close parentheses with ___ to see if it was the parentheses that caused a problem and strangely, these citation still won’t convert from curly-brackets.

Maybe once I clicked “Ignore all” and these are still being ignored?  Is that possible?  How do I un-ignore?



Don’t have my laptop with endnote and out of the office, – but I get back Thursday.  Maybe you could PM me and share it on a dropbox or google folder and I can look.  You might want to call support?