How to use the Bibliography Reference Style when Formatting Paper

Hi everybody!

I started to use Ulysses + LaTeX for my paperwork and I’d like to combine it with my Endnote Library. My workflow looks like this:

  1. I write my papers in Ulysses with LaTeX format. 

  2. I export the documents as .rtf-files.

  3. I format them with Endnote.

  4. I open them as .tex-files in LaTeX to create a PDF-file from it.

I am totally happy with this workflow, but — there is a problem. In my field (Humanities) in-text citations are not very common. We usually use footnotes for all references. In Ulysses/LaTeX, I create them by using \footnote{} (LaTeX). 

Now the problem is, that Endnote is, of course, unable to identifie these parts of my papers as text in footnotes. As a result, I get in-text citations that follow my output style’s format.

Now my question is: Is there a way to use a Bibliography style while formatting papers with Endnote? I tried to simply adjust the in-text citation style but the problem is that I need different styles for different reference types…

Thank you so much in advance! 

I am assuming what you want is an output style so that what would normally be in the  footnote templates to appear (as you would also want it to follow footnote rules, such as ibid and short title use) as “in-text citations” - and I am pretty sure that the answer is no.   Also there is no way to even use the bibliography templates, which would still ignore the footnoting rules.  

But I wonder if you can use the macros that have been developed to convert in-text citations to footnotes (in a word document, I am assuming) save as a word document and then rerun a footnote output style on the native word .doc or .docx file?  There are other threads that discuss this, and TR has said that they have tools to accomplish the swap… seems complicated if this is your normal, common workflow though. 

Hmm, that’s too bad :frowning:

My ‘problem’ is that I prefer Ulysses over Word. Since I use LaTeX syntax in Ulysses in order to create PDFs using texstudio, I have to stick to LaTeX footnotes :(.