How to wipe Endnote Web and do a clean sync?

I have been using Endnote Web for several iterations now. However, when I started using X7, there started to be conflicts between my local library and the Endnote Web records. It possible is due to the fact that I did a bunch of record editing when writing my dissertation, but did not sync with Web for over a year. However, when the iPad app arrived, and I saw it had to go through Endnote Web - and could not sync directly with the desktop - I decided to reexamine Endnote Web. 

Is it possible to wipe the currently-existing Endnote Web info and start anew, syncing everything over from my currently existing desktop library. As it’s more current - in terms of records and attachments - I’d prefer to use it anew, rather than syncing and figuring how what conflicts emerged, what duplicates are being created, etc…

Thanks for the help!

Yes, I can help you with this, bpachter! The steps can cause problems when not properly utilized, though, so I’d rather we start a support case than post them publicly and risk people potentially messing themselves up.

Please submit a technical support request and use the subject “Attn Gillian”, refer to this thread, and we’ll take it from there.

I look forward to working with you!

I got your email, bpachter; thank you! The steps were sent. Let me know if you do not receive them.