Hyperlinks for URL in Independent Bibliographies, EndNote X5

When I create an independent bibliography, the hyperlinks for all URLS disappear and are replaced just by plain text. I would like to maintain them. In the preview screen for each reference, the links are active - it is just when I drag and drop or ‘copy formatted’ and paste the bibliography to a word document that they disappear. If I cite a reference in a word document and generate a bibliography using the same output style, the hyperlinks are maintained.

This is an MS Word issue not EndNote concerning the “Cut, copy, and paste” setting when pasting between documents. You don’t mention what version of MS Word you’re using but check Word’s “Advanced” options, specifically the section labeled “Cut, copy, and Paste” (see attached image).  The option for pasting between documents should be set to: Keep Source Formatting (Default).

Word 2007. Odd, but I made this change in the paste options and it still did not work.  But I realized that there is an easy work-around - I dragged and dropped  the set of references into Word as citations (without using the ctrl key) and then ran the bibliography. For my stand-alone annotated bibliography, I can use this method, convert it to text and get rid of the citation lists.

You can also export them, or you can create a style that has no citation template, and they won’t appear in the stand alone document and not need to be deleted.