I am geting temporary citations as if instant formating is turned OFF. However, instant formating is turned ON.

I have been using refman in a document for many months without problems. I was using the APA style, which looks like this in the text: (World Health Organization, 1993). However, suddenly the references was appearing in the text like this instead: {American Psychiatric Association, 2013 115 /id}.

It looks to me like refman is suddenly using temporary citations, as if the instant formating was turned of. However, intant formating is turned on! I have tried to turn instant formating off and on again, and I have tried to close the word document and reopen it again. But with no luck.

Please help me!!

There may be issues with the document related to the field codes. I would suggest following the steps found in this article:


The same problem is ocurring to me. Following the steps in the mentioned article will not solve the problem. I have to click ‘update citations and bibliography’ every single time I insert a footnote, even though the instant formatting is switched on, also in the newly made document. 

What can I do to solve this?

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Thanks for response jason.

Good to learn from the expert.