I can't create new references

Hi everyone!

I am using EndNote Viewer for Endnote X7.0.1 (Bld7212). Why does it corrupt my library? I had impoted 49 refs, and now the library says that has 29 refs, and only 10 of these 29 refs are visible. Everytime i try to create a new library and create “New refrence” (Ctrl+N), the program sets a limitation: i have the ability to create only 10 refs each time and then the option “New reference” disappears. I can’t create any new ref anymore. Why is this happening?

I think that is because it is a "viewer" (which a DEMO version of Endnote reverts to after 30 days) and not a full version of the program?  You would be better to try the free endnote online version of the program?  But I don’t think you can “upload” from a viewer desktop version, so may have to start over.