Generally speaking, Endnote handles the  Ibid.  well, in the sense that the  Ibid.  shows up when it should.

However, the  Ibid.  comes up even in the middle of the sentences, which is where the issue lies. For example:


Bla bla bla bla.[1] Bla bla bla bla bla. [2]

[1] See Smith, 1996, p.25.

[2] The document is mentioned by  Ibid. , which the reader should refer to for the bibliography relating to this aspect.

Obviously, I can’t have the  Ibid.  popping up in the middle of the sentence, as I need there to be  Smith, 1996, p.25.   Because, see, the  Ibid. is fine if it stands alone in the footnote, or if it is followed by a sentence, but it evidently is not ok if it is in the middle of a sentence!

I look forward to a new EndNote that will be able to understand that even if the citations are consecutive, the name of the author should appear if the citation is in the middle of a sentence.