IEEE format style


I am using Endnote X4. The problem is, when I select the IEEE format as the specification for references, when there are multiple (>2) authors in the reference, it is automatically set to “First author name”.

 Can somebody please help me out?

Yes this is an error in the style.  I have amended the format and you will find the corrected style here.  Thank you for briging this to our attention.


Cheryl - The EndNote Team: Content

“First author name” is the standard

“First author name” is the standard for more than two authors, how can i have this option back?

You may edit any output style to adjust the author listings.  Edit, Edit Output style, Edit “the output style you are using”, then the bibliography “author listing” – as shown in the attached.  It is common to have that setting “if more than 3” so that double authored and triple authored papers are in full, and only 4 or more are converted to first author et al.  

Then save AS  to a new name, and go to the manuscript and change the output style in use to the newly edited version of the out put style.  Do not save it to the same name.  You many have to view all the first time after creating the new style, to find it in your list of styles.  

Great explanation, thanks!