If there is no Author, title also invisible. WHY?

I have style template like this :

| Title |  // Website Title.| ` ‒ URL:` URL | Author

But if my web page doesn’t have an author, it doesn’t  show Title also. Why? Is it a bug?

What is showhn:
 // MySQL Documentation.  ‒ URL: https://dev.mys

But my web page has a Title

For a citation or a bibliography template or a footnote?  what are your output style settings in the attached setting (Anonymous Works).  

Hi Leanne, thanks for the reaction,

I have the impression that you’re the only user in this forum :smiley:

It is for bibliography template, and I have chosen " Use full title in place of author" option. I need my bibliography items to be sorted by author, and if author is empty, then compare title with other authors (you’ve answered a question about this)) )

I think everyone else (apart from TonyM! the Clarivate support person) figure I am going to answer anyway! (CrazyGecko?  where are you! ) 

I have no idea… Are you inserting the “title” from the field dropdown into the output style?  I might have to look at the file itself to see if I could spot the anomoly with the output style.  Hopefully wouldn’t need to ref type table unless you made some changes to that too.  For now, attach the output style to a reply?  

I also hope that you would answer to my questions every time))

So, here is the test .ens file. I tried to minimize evrything, and letf only problematic  Web Page here. Actually I use modified ref file, but here I restored evrything to endnote default and the problem  remaind. If there is “Author” field in any position of template except first and if it is empty in actual reference , the “Title” also becomes empty (only in generated bibliography, not in actual reference).

GOST2-Test.ens (9.49 KB)

I think that the title is appearing at the end, instead of the author, as that is where you put the author field, and that is what is being replaced? If there is no author field, well, then it disappears entirely?  

You certainly do have a challenging output style to generate.  I don’t have time play tonight.  I don’t suppose you can solve your sorting issue, by putting the Title in the author field for those that have no Author?  Not sure what that will do with your other specialized templates though.  

Hmmm… I really have a challenging output style.

Looking more carefully I saw, that Author was replaced by Title. As Title was in the first place, I payed attention only on it, and thought that it was disappeared, actually it was in the place of Author.

Now it is becaoming clearer what my problem is:  the need in sorting with Author and Title (if Author is empty) but at the same time leaveing Title in its initial place.