Images not transferring when copying references between libraries

I am running EndNote 9.0.0 with Word 2007.

I am attaching PDF files of documents to my references in the “image” field.  When I copy a reference from one library (main) to another (project library) the paperclip indicator in front of the reference in the library window is still there in the second library, but the link to the image does not transfer.  What am I missing?

Is it better to put PDF files in the “link to PDF file”?


The newer option of attaching them to the PDF, or File attachment field is better, as it allows attachment of multiple files rather than the one that the image field is limited to.  - However, I would expect the image to be copied, assuming the file was available in the .DATA folder at the time you copied the record to the new library.  That would apply whether you had a PDF or an Image attached.  Is the image available from the original library? 

The image field in the library I copied it to is empty.

I did not move the actual PDF file in the literature folder on my computer.  What do you mean when you say “is the image available in original library”, I did not change anything there?


I just mean, does the link still work from the original library? 

Yes, the link from the image field in the original library still works.

I am not sure why this is happening then, unless you have your new library located in a directory where you do not have full Read/Write privilages.  Which Windows version?

I am running Windows XP Professional (we recently upgraded to MS Office 2007).

I tried copying the reference to a library for which I am sure to have full privileges, but it has the same result: no image attached.

Can you give us an idea of the length of the file name and path, including the foldernames and library name?  Is this another problem with the total letters in the path+filename being too long for the operating system? 

Here is the answer from tech support (essentially the actual files have to be copied from one library data folder to the next):

"With EndNote 9, when you insert a PDF file as an object, it will place a copy
of the file in the .Data folder associated with the library. So, if you have a
library called Lib1.enl, there will be a Lib1.Data folder with the PDF files.
If you copy the PDF file(s) from the Lib1.Data folder (or whatever your folder
is called) to the .Data folder associated with the new library, the links
should work.

You can use the Link to PDF field, but this will be an absolute linking path.
If the path to the folder is C:\PDFs, you have to make sure the PDF files are
in the same folder path on the remote computer. You can also keep your PDF
files on a mapped network drive as long as the drive mapping is the same on
both computer. So, if it is linked to Z:\PDFs and that path takes you to the
network drive on both computers, then the link to the PDF files will work on
both systems.

Newer versions of EndNote are designed to handle file attachments and
transferring libraries more easily."