Import a list of titles in excel to Endnote X7


I would like to import the records detailed in the file attached to my Endnote desktop software. Please note I just need to import the information detailed, that is, the title of each article. Could you please suggest how to do it?

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Opengrey (42.2 KB)

I suppose you dont get an aswer because its obvious: you export the excel sheet to a txt file (tab delimited) and then introduce the modifications as specified by the manuel of Endnote (see Creating a Tab-Delimited Format) and import it into Endnote.


there is a YouTube video to help you thru the steps.

(added in edit) – but all it is a hyperlinked list of titles?  What do you want in the library?  

Is this works on EndNote Web too?
Because I tried and did not work.

Possibly not.  The online version is not as – oh what is the word – flexible?  

@misto_x wrote:

Is this works on EndNote Web too?
Because I tried and did not work.

Yes, it’s possible to mport a list of titles from an Excel spreadsheet into Endnote Web – see attached image for result. It’s just a matter of organizing the Excel data and saving it as a tab-delimited text file; then adding a header using MS Word or Notepad; and finally importing the final file into Endnote Web.


Note : These instructions also apply when importing Excel into Endnote desktop (per the OP’s query).

  1. The Excel spreadsheet could just contain a column of titles but the reference type could also be included to facilitate referencing after importing but is optional (see image #1 for Excel layout). Save the Excel spreadsheet as a .txt text (tab delimited) file.

  2. Use MS Word or Notepad to open the text file and add the header “*Generic” (with asterick) to the top of the list then save the file. (Refer to image #1.)

  3. Now go to Endnote Web and click the “Collect” option. (Refer to image #2.) Then click on “Import References”. Locate and select the text file to be imported; designate “Tab-delimited” as the import option; then indicate where the import of references should go – in this example a group named “Imported Titles” was created to contain the imported data.