Downloading and citing pdfs in operation?


I download pdfs in a private archive on my PC; and/or import the citation.

Then I have to go to citation and link the file: this means the pdf is stored twice -

in the archive and in EndNote folder.

Is it possible to download the pdf and import / link pdf to citation in one operation?



CMI, Bergen 

Yes, it is called “find full text”.  it will be copied to the endnote folders. 

Thanks – the problem is that often you can download citation from website,

and then is you have access / or rights to access the PDF, you can download 

from same website, but the file cannot be accessed from inside Endote using “find full-text”.

Hence my problem, download first, then locate and attach to Endote (thus two versions

unless you delete the first afterwards…)



yes, due to shifting access paradigms, find full text sometimes doesn’t work as it should.  When it happens, it is best to let Thomson know the journal name, and they try to identify the problem.  I find saying it here in the forum is often best, as Tech support usually trying to tell you what you already know and tried. 

Right now, Cell isn’t working for me, while Nature is.  I believe they know there is a problem, and are working on it.  Which Journals/publisher sites are you having problems with?