New user - confused - need big help

Several departments in the company I work at are collaborating to create a document and the documents created by each party will have to be amalgamated. The document from one of the departments has been created by a contractor and has 3,000 references associated with it.  The contractor used Endnote to manage the references. I have never even heard of Endnote but I have downloaded Endnote in Word and now have an Endnote tab in Word and created a basic Endnote online account.  The department has sent me the file of references in various formats (ris, enl, text, HTML) none of which I can open or import into Endnote on-line, let alone use to amalgamate the documents into a final document with sensible references.  I am stuck.  I have read lots of on-line guides but am none the wiser.  Can anyone advise or suggest an organisation who could do it?  Based in the UK. 

I suggest you trial the desktop version. If the file provided by the contractor has the endnote embedded fields, you should be able to extract them into the desktop library and from there sync into your online database.  (export export to endnote>traveling library).  What sort of software do you use to handle citations?  Endnote should be able to export it to a file you can import into your citation software.  

Alternatively, have you tried these instructions to import the ris file into endnote web?  

Importing using RIS

Most databases offer an export in a tagged format called RIS. This may also be called Bibliographic Software format, EndNote format or something similar.

  1. Search and mark/select the records you would like to import.
  2. Go to the marked/selected records section for the database.
  3. Select “Save” and save the file in the RIS (.ris) format.
  4. Go to EndNote Web.
  5. Go to Collect → Import References
  6. Browse to where you saved the file.
  7. Select RefMan RIS as the import option. You can also choose a destination folder.
  8. Click Import.

According to the valuable answer posted from Leanne, please give us at first what a kind of O.S. (Windows or Mac) are you using. What a kind of Word version are you using.

If you download a trial version  (Leanne dixit) , please  download the pdf  EN X9 Guided Tour (windows or MAC) too and print it.

After lecture, you can start the installation (are you administrator?) and work with EN X9.

Important !! Please create a lot of new libraries according to the numbers of received references from various colleagues. Why?

P.e. a colleague send references in his own format and style belonging to the journal. Another colleague , another style and format, …a.s.o.

you must see in every library what a kind of style and journal were used. (see page 34 /Guided tour)

If you collect the received references in ONE OWN LIBRARY, every reference will be reformatted from the previous bibliography and citation after insertion.

Good luck