Importing abstracts from journals websites


I am regularly using the tools provided by the various scientific journals to import references into my EndnoteX4 database. It seems that each time a figure is included in the abstract on the website, the import tool fails to import the abstract text. That applies to many publishers, including the biggest ones such as ACS, Elsevier or RSC. is there a way to fix that ?

Hello, Serge:

That’s interesting. Can you provide a link to an example record? Or an example of a name of a record and which resource you were getting it from? I’m not sure if there’s a way around it, but I’d like to at least make sure it’s reported if there isn’t.


well go to any abstract on any ACS journal website (for example:, and try the “downoad citation” tool. it opens a new page where you can select the format (RIS or Bibtex) and what to include in the download (citation, citation and references, citation and abstract)

When the citation is downloaded into your current endnote library, nothing is in the “Abstract” item, whatever the selection made before

The same occurs with other editors (exemple Wiley:, but when no figure is present in the abstract on the website (exemple:, the abstract is correctly downloaded into endnote


Hello, Serge:

I’m afraid the fault with this lies with the websites. Here is what ACS is exporting for your example, even when you select Citation And Abstract:

T1  - Self-Aligned Coupled Nanowire Transistor
AU  - Kulmala, Tero S.
AU  - Colli, Alan
AU  - Fasoli, Andrea
AU  - Lombardo, Antonio
AU  - Haque, Samiul
AU  - Ferrari, Andrea C.
Y1  - 2011/08/03
N1  - doi: 10.1021/nn201203s
DO  - 10.1021/nn201203s
JO  - ACS Nano
SP  - null
EP  - null
PB  - American Chemical Society
N2  - null
SN  - 1936-0851
M3  - doi: 10.1021/nn201203s
UR  -
ER  -

Note that the abstract is not included in the exported information. Naturally, EndNote will not be able to import it if it is not included in the exported information.

Similarly, here’s what Wiley provided:

AU  - Friedrich, Felix
AU  - Heckel, Alexander
TI  - Photon Cascade with Clip-On Fluorophores
JO  - ChemPhysChem
JA  - ChemPhysChem
VL  - 12
IS  - 11
PB  - WILEY-VCH Verlag
SN  - 1439-7641
UR  -
DO  - 10.1002/cphc.201100295
SP  - 2073
EP  - 2075
KW  - energy transfer
KW  - photochemistry
KW  - self-assembly
PY  - 2011
ER  -

Again, the abstract information is just not included in the output. It looks like rather than extract the figure, they’re just neglecting to include the abstract at all. Apologies – there would not be much we could do about this on the EndNote side.

Hi Gillian

thanks for the answer. I am however still puzzled, since the same import tools do get the abstract (for the Wiley case) when no figure appears before the text. See for example .

You seems right for ACS: I checked with old papers without any figure in the online abstract, and no abstract was downloaded.

I understand Endnote does not have to change its filters if the problem lies on the editors’ websites, but could at least Thomson reuters inform those editors that their downloading tools do not work properly ?



My guess is it was easier for them to just drop the whole field rather than figure out how to separate the image from the rest of the field information before exporting it – but that’s eally just a stab in the dark.

I will certainly mention to our Content team that this is the case and they can contact the providers, but I’m afraid it’s up to the content providers themselves to change it. EndNote can only import what the websites provide, and as you can see from what I posted, the abstracts simply aren’t coming out with the rest of the exported information.

I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.