Importing citations

Since I upgraded Endnote to X2.0.4 (Windows) I have been unable to download citations from Sage Publishing journals. No problem with journals at Jstore or other publishers. Can you help me? Thanks. Michael

A research assistant recently contacted me regarding problems she had experienced downloading citations from the Sage database. I suspect that the problem may have been caused by recent changes to the Sage Online Journals database. When I tried to download a selection of marked citations from the Sage database [EndNote X3 Mac], I found that the download file [endnote-citations.enl] opened in EndNote as an empty EndNote library … which is hardly surprising given the file extension. A temporary work-around is to download the citations using the ProCite Ris format (Mac + Win), and then import it into EndNote using the ProCite RIS Generic filter. Alternatively you could also try using the Reference Manager Ris formay (Win only). A colleague using EndNote X2.0.4 (Win) was able to download records using the default EndNote (Mac + Win) format, but found that the resulting EndNote records were incomplete … and that the missing data varied between downloads. I have since asked our electronic resources coordinator to contact Sage.

Thanks for the helpful tips. While I am somewhat relieved to find out that I am not the only person with this problem, I am even happier to connect with someone who also has a solution to offer. Michael