Importing ENW citations

I don’t know if this is a Windows configuration problem or a lack of functionality in RM.  When I try to download a citation from most on-line journals (like Highwire hosted journals), they have a RIS format citation that automatically imports via the EndNote Web add-in.  No problems.

However, I have one journal that I use frequently that will only export ENW files.  I can save the citation to my hard disk as an ENW, and then go into RM and do a “Import Text” and it will add properly.  What I want to do is to skip the save to disk and just click the “Open” button to automatically import to RM as it does with RIS formatted citations.

I assume this can be done if I can find the right combination of parameters to configure under the File Associations dialog in Windows.  Right now I have it set to open RM, but that does not trigger the import.  Are there a set of DDE values I can configure to open RM AND import when an ENW is clicked?