Please improve import of references from journal websites

I’m probably speaking for a number of users, who are frustrated about the complicated way to import references from online journals: 

The journals provide “Export Citation” functions in a variety of ways, sometimes RIS format, sometimes .enw format, or plain text. 

To import such a file, it is necessary to go to the menu, select „Import“, select the reference, select the format, and click „import“, so 4 clicks, and often the result is nothing, obviously because the format selected is not the one the website says, or the citation provided is not recognised by EN.

This is at least 4 mouse-clicks, quite time-consuming, if you try to import a number of citations.

It would be so much easier, if EN would support:

-       a drag-and-drop import function

-       recognise the format of the citation automatically

-       and allow the import of multiple citations.

Hope this wish will get some attention.


(using X4 on Mac)

A few more details on this would be helpful:

  • Are there specific publishers you are having trouble export citation information from? Have you contacted them?

  • Have you tried using the EndNote Web browser toolbar plug-in to capture from these sites? In many cases this takes just 1 click.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team