PDF folder import not working

Hi there,

I am running X7.5.3 for Mac, and can’t get the PDF folder import to work, when selecting “PDF folder as a group set”. I am just getting the wheel of death, the whole program freezes, and I have to force quit Endnote to stop it. Importing a singe PDF works fine though, as does selecting a folder using the “PDF or folder” option.

Is this a known bug?

Any advice appreciated.

Dear AshleySuth,

Sorry about that. This is not a bug as far as I know.  If you look in the folder containing the PDF’s to be imported, are you able to open all the PDF’s in Adobe or any other PDF veiwer? I’ve seen this same problem before where the files would fail to import if even one of them was either damaged or a zero-byte file.

I hope this is helpful.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the PDFs are fine. Is there anything else that could interfere with the process?