importing references

Can references be imported from pubmed directly into an endnote library, and, if so, how?

Yes, you can add Pubmed references to your Endnote library by either: 1) using Endnote’s connection file to connect Endnote (desktop) directly to Pubmed; or 2) importing references from the Pubmed website into Endnote by using Endnote’s import filter (a.k.a “Direct Export”).

Refer to Emory University’s training video on using Endnote’s Pubmed connection file – a bit dated but still applicable. Also refer to the Endnote “Help” menu for information on setting up the connection file (go to the Endnote toolbar and select Help >Search for help, then type in “connection files”.

Refer to the knowledge base article for information on exporting references from the Pubmed website by using Endnote’s import filter; as well as the Endnote training video