How to get access to pub med (it is not in quick search)


I just got endnote and wanted to start importing papers form pub med. Yet I do not have pub med as a connection file when I click on quick search. Mostly the list there consists of universities around the world.

I would like to add pubmed to that list but I don’t want to make any mistakes. I understand I might have to add it as a connection file but I don’t really know how to.

I’d be really glad if anyone could help me.



Perhaps I am not following you - but quick search is usually used to search a set of references already existing in your library, not to search remote data bases.  – If you look at my screen shot, you will see the menu that comes up when you are in the “globe” or in the “globe+library” mode (just below the EN “library” (LeanneX7-11-2013.enl in my case) header bar,  I am on globe or remote search mode.  click on more, and the available connections should appear and you can ensure that PubMed is one of them.  

NOTE if you do a search in globe(remote) + library mode (the next one ove) ALL search RESULTS will end up in your library automatically (apart from duplicates already in the library, if you have your duplicate settings set that way in preferences)  – hence I NEVER use that, as I am way to careless to get my searches to be that specific.  

If you don’t have the pubmed connection file for some reason, you can download it, open in Endnote and do a “save as” and endnote knows where to save it.  

Thank you for your quick reply! The problem is that I did exactly what you described, the menu I was referring to looks just like the one you attached. Yet I don’t have pubmed in my list in endnote. I did download a pubmed filter, but that didn’t change anything…

There is a difference between “filters” and “connection files”  - which one did you download and save?  

I have the same doubts. Is there a manual that explains in detail?

My recommendation is to go to the to the training submenu and look at the live training calendar and/or  at the web training section.   In live training, I suspect that  even if they don’t cover it, you can ask your question at the end.  I can’t quite figure out what to point you to, as the nature of your question is unclear.  – the help files (f1 in windows version) has a wealth of information, but sometimes you need to know the right terms to search for…