Updating Endnote records

How can I

  1. export my Endnote library to Excel

  2. do some work on the Excel records

  3. import Excel to update the corresponding records?

Sometimes, this would be helpful. Eg. when I import a bunch of PDFs deposited in a folder structure where folder names represent keywords.

You could export your Endnote library by using the Tab-Delimited output style to create a .txt file that can be opened in Excel: 

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, OPEN STYLE MANAGER then locate and select “Tab-Delimited”. Close the Style Manager dialog box.

  2. Select (highlight) all the EndNote library references then go to the toolbar, select EXPORT. Designate the file name then click SAVE.

Open the resulting tab-delimited .txt file in Excel. When you’ve completed modifying the content, save the file as a tab-delimited file then go to the EndNote toolbar, select IMPORT. In the “Import File” dialog box, choose (locate) the tab-delimited file; change the "Import Option"Tab Delimited; skip-over the “Duplicates” and “Text Translation” options unless you wish to change them. Then click IMPORT to import the modified references back into EndNote.