Improving ort order in Library view (adding a second sort eg Year of publication to Author)

Currently in the Library screen the sort in the defult library only operates on author. As a result, publications of any particular author are not in year order.

My suggestion is in two parts

  1. add a check box to the sort order specified in the dialog box under the Tools / Sort Library submenu, that sorts the library view items

  2. use the selected sort order in the dialog box under the Tools / Sort Library submenu

Curently the multi-field sort order in Tools submenu only works when a sort is executed. The check box in the dialog box is needed to make it apply to the Library view screen

Happy New Year to the Developers/gary 

Many moons have come and gone so I thought it was time to re-run this request

All that is needed is a dialog box in edit preferences with numbered items in front of the field caption. A number ranks the sort order

Warm regards/gary

You can go to the tools menu and choose sort - this lets you sort by up to 5 criteria. Is this what you are looking for?

On a side note, I would like Endnote to remember sorting preferences for each group. Eg. I could have a group for papers by a particular author that will always sort by year whereas my main library sorts by author.

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