intext citation without brackets

hi There,

I want to use in-text referencing without (), eg something like “somename [1]”  or “somename (1998)” instead of “(somename [1])”.  I am using version 11

Any hints?



Greetings Herry,

To access the citation delimiter settings associated to this particular output style-

1.  Open Reference Manager 11.

2.  In Reference Manager click “Tools>Bibliography>Open Output Style…”.

3.  On the Open Output Style window, find your style on the list and double click on the name.  

4.  When the Edit Style window appears, click on the “In-Text Citations Setting” button, which is in the top left hand corner of this window.

5.  After the In-Text Citations Setting window appears, you’ll find the “Left Delimiter” and “Right Delimiter” fields.

 Please let me know if this helps.

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Hi Jimmy

I’ve got the same issue as Herry. I want to do an in-text reference, so instead of writing “trees are green (author1, year)” I would like to say “author1 (year) said that trees are green”.

By changing the left and right delimiter, I can only insert (or remove) brackets.

Can you or anybody else help me?

I am using version 12.

Thank you in advance,


Sorry for again writing here. I thought that’s a basic question, but unfortunately I still couldn’t find a solution.

Is there nobody who can help me?


I think Jimmy was nearly right on this one but there is a step missed out.

When you have removed the bracket delimiters you get this Jones, 1999

What you need to do next is to place brackets around the date field in the definition box so it looks like this:


do the same to subsequent citaions if you wish. This will then give you Jones (1999)

Not forgetting to save of course…

Hope that helps