How do I insert a space between refs in in-text citations?

I’d like to modify the Harvard output style to write intext citations like (Prescott & Garthwaite 2005a; Prescott and Garthwaite 2005b) rather than the default (Prescott & Garthwaite 2005a;Prescott and Garthwaite 2005b).



You should be able to edit the Output Style to make this change you need.

In Reference Manager go to Bibliography > Open Output style >  select Harvard and click open > Click on the In-Text Citation Settings button > You will see a Citation Separator box with ; and you will want to put your cursor there and then type a space. > Click Apply > Click OK.

You can then close the style and save the changes.

You would then need to use the Generate Bibliography command or Update Citations and Bibliography command in Word to see the changes in your document.

I have also made the changes to a copy of the Harvard style you could use on your machine instead.

Once you download the style to your desktop, copy the file(s) to the appropriate folder in your program directory (usually located in C:\Program Files\Reference Manager\Styles).


Let us know if you have any questions or if this does not resolve the issue.

Harvard Custom.os (12.9 KB)