in-text citation

I have trouble to include two authors together as the in-text citation. As an example, I would like it to appear as John and Kent, instead of John et al. The column provided in the end note only allowed us to choose, let say, if 1 or more authors, chose the 1st authors. I cannot 

Thank you to everyone who can help me with this.

I really hope anyone has any ideas for this problem.

Thank you

Yes,  the setting says 3 or more list 1.  But then if 2, the setting at the top kicks in which says 1 to 2 and before last " and "  (including the spaces) so you would generate your desired output.  See image for what that looks like in the settings.  

What output style are you using and have you modified that setting?  

Thank you very much. Your help is really appreciated. I can solve this problem now. :smiley: :smileyvery-happy: