not numbering citations properly (number citations jump)

hi, i used endnote X7 in ms.word 2010. i have a problem with citations, in my task citations not numbering properly, for the example; for first and second sentences, citations number come out with numer (1) and (2) in vancouver style, but in third sentences, citations number not (3) but jump to number (7) (see the attachments file) how can i fix that ?


That is a new one on me.  Can you share the document and output style if you have modified it at all - maybe via a google or dropbox folder?  Can do it via Private Message too.    

Do you have text boxes with citations in them?  it is possible those text boxes start with 1, 2 and then has 3,4,5,6 in them?  

i will send the file document and output style to your private message, but language the file document in indonesian language. thanks

only number citations for (3), (4), (5), and (6) come out late, but number (7) (8) (9) come out first before number (3), etc… and next citations (10) to the end is right and properly.

Resolution:  There was a textbox later in the document that used the first 3 citations in the same order as the document and then three more.  Solution is to remove the textbox and replace with a frame. Here are instructions for that: