Including same numbered "Note" multiple times in the list of references


I’m helping a user who is using the Insert Note feature to insert notes in a Word document so that the note text is displayed in the numbered reference list at the end of the document. (As explained in this thread:

The user wants to insert a reference to the same note more than once in different places in the text–which would mean that it should have the same number again. However, if I insert the identical field code twice (e.g., {NOTE:test}), it gives it a different number. 

I will suggest that the user just type the note number manually, but is there another way to do it?


I should add that the output style being used is Nature Genetics. The problem with simply typing the note number manually is that she would have to re-number everyting if one note is moved. Any advice is appreciated!

My first impulse would be - who cares? Get the paper accepted - and then deal with it in the final draft, or let the editors alter it if it bothers them.  but we are all detailed oriented, so I guess we can’t just let it go… In which case…

My suggestion would be to create your own ref type and it should contain  just the Note in an unused field, type the note in that record and and construct a template for it that only includes that field.  Won’t that work?  then if you insert the record again, it has the same number?

Thanks, Leanne. That makes sense. But it does indeed seem that this “solution” is a lot more work than doing it manually later as you suggest! :slight_smile:

For the record, here is a reply from tech support:

"Currently, it would not be possible for same note to be referenced more than once and given the same note number. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

You may wish to offer a product suggestion on our website so the developers can look into the possibility of having it in the future."