Incorrect In-Text Citation: How to fix it

Hello!  I am using Endnote X7 on a PC and am having trouble correcting an in-text citation.  I am following APA format, and while most of the citations are fine, one is giving me a bit of trouble.

In the text, the citation only lists the first author’s last name and first initials and the date.  It reads (Sartorelli EMP, 2001).  It should list all three authors as (Sartorelli, Mazzucatto, and de Pina-Neto, 2001).  Also, in the full reference, it correctly lists the first and third authors, but only gives the first and last initials of the second author, Mazzucatto.

How can I edit this reference?  Any changes I try to make get reversed back to the incorrect format.

Thank you!

Check that in that record, has the authors entered one each to a line, with a carriage return after – and best as

Surname, A  B

2ndAuthor, D C

3rdAuthor, E F

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Worked like a charm!