Incorrect reference appearing in Preview Pane/inserted into document

A colleague is working a document with Word 2007 and EndNote X5. They have inserted references into the document, gone back to their EndNote Library to view the cited references that appear in the auto group under All References. When they select a reference in this autogroup, then a different reference appears in the Preview Pane. If they double click a specific reference within this group, a different reference opens up, and if they insert the selected reference into a Word document, a completely different reference is added to the Word document.

We turned off Track Changes, and clicked away from the auto group references, to All References and back again, and this seemed to resolve the issue. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue, and whether this could be linked to Track Changes or a problem with the auto group references? Thanks.

Are your colleagues working from the same identical EndNote library or are they maintaining individual libraries where they each add references as they work?  EndNote assigns a unique identifer number for each reference added to the library and these numbers correspond to the given reference. However, if users add references independently of each other, the same reference could have a different identifer based on which library is used.

No, references had just been added from one Library to the Word document.

Any other ideas? Thanks,


There was a patchissued awhile back for EndNote X5 - are you running the latest update?  A check of the EndNote Knowledge Base did not turn up any info regarding your situation so you might consider contacting tech support: